Sunday, January 29, 2023

If not NOW, When? #Rebootology

 If not now WHEN?

What is the difference between if you  took time off after just three years of full-time employment., spent over $100,000 of your own money [or borrowed as HECS] then spent time reading books, making friends and learning across a number of different disciplines., or went to a seminar or course to learn stuff, met other like minded people wanting to improve themselves and borrowed the money on your credit card. When you do Buiness School nobody criticise you, which is your first  first choice, but if you do the second thing, every man and his dog will criticise you and complain about uncredentialled teachers [even if they have achieved success in the area you are sudying] Why is that? Because choice one goes by another name: Business School. or post graduate studies lead by credentialled yet without life experience, teachers.

Taking time off for graduate school fits into the acceptable narrative for taking a break. Unfortunately, if you proposfully taking time off to “contemplate life” people will look at you like you live on another planet. 
A  typical one or two-week vacation wears off almost immediately and that the whole point of most vacations is to merely take a break from work instead of resting for its own sake.

Many people are struggling and admit that they really would love to take a break. Yet what holds people back is the fear they won’t be “hireable” afterward. This may be true if you spent a year doing nothing, but most people find that instead of idleness, they are filled with active energy, doing things like volunteering in their community, spending time with loved ones, writing books or even taking an entirely new path altogether.

Action: Make a list of the twenty experiences you want to have over the next ten years. Which ones can you take action on over the next year? How could you design extended breaks to experience some of these things sooner, rather than later?

Shouldn't you take a break or attend a seminar in an area of your interest now? 

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