Thursday, July 19, 2018

What is your Octopus's Garden?

Originally published in Rebootology

Yesterday I had coffee with a Busselton based colleague and old Busselton High mate Peter Strain. our conversation was about the commercialisation of his art - he is a photographer of exquisite skill and he captures the world in miniature - or should I say, the miniature bits of the world or those things in their own world like the seabed near the Busselton Jetty.
He chats to me for advice on marketing and I end up frustrated because he won't change his "hat" to that of a marketer and ask "What pain can I solve for Mr Whoever [ or Mrs or Miss or Non Gender specific " with my art.."
Peter believes we will see the beauty in what he does and money will come - however, unless you are like a Ken Done, artists get rich after they die.
Anyway we enjoyed the coffee and parted - Peter in confidence that someone will recognise his amazing talent and help him share it with the world... I don't know how I can help unless someone helps me bridge that gap from Crass commercialism and art.
Any suggestions are welcome. Peter has never "rebooted" his art has endured for decades and new technology [ lasers and drones ] are helping him bring his work to the 21st Century.
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