Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bucket List - What Haven't You Ticked Off?

In my early 20's I remember my mum passing from a stroke at the young age of 56... and she and dad were going to do lots of stuff when they retired... mum didn't make it and she left a long long list... dad survived her but before he could do his bucket lis the dreaded Alzheimers claimed his mind and ill health his body 15 years later - again nothing on that bucket list got down... Unfortunately, history is repeating as my eldest brother is fighting the fight of his life against Alzheimers and in a discussion with my sister in law she lamented that good card was hard to get because of our ageing population... she and my brother had provided for their golden years where they would do their "Bucket List" but fate had claimed it from them... she said it is terrible to see him like this when we have so much money in the bank! I was discussing this with a mate and he said: "I wonder how many people have deferred crossing stuff off their bucket list and have left it to later" And it came to me that Rebootology will solve the problem of "Did you forget to tick it off your Bucket List" Joanne [ she who must be obeyed ] told someone who asked when she was retiring and getting started on her bucket list... she answered: "There is nothing I haven't done - I suppose I could add somethings but seriously we have done everything we want to do and I work because I like it." And as I shared the benefits of Rebootology I have been copping some blow back " You are just big noting" "This is all about you." etc and I pulled my head in... but after visiting my brother on Sunday at the hospital where he and others were "parked" until care spaces opened up I stopped feeling like it was about me and more about them not doing what would have fulfilled their life.
I hope you can see that joining me on the Reboot journey will enhance your life now and in the future... even Richard Branson agrees! #WayneMansfield #Rebootology #BusinessSeminarsAustralia

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