Monday, July 30, 2018

Of all the bullshit I have read…

Originally published in Rebootology

Michael Masterson is one of my favourite authors in the Self Help and Motivation area. He writes the Early To Rise newsletter and you can subscribe to his Michael Masterson Journal that livens up many a Saturday morning for me.

In the never ending search to become more effective so I can spend more time enjoying life, I read the thoughts of Masterson hoping for a gem that will add enjoyment and a few free hours to my day. You know, that extra half an hour to spend contemplating why red wine from Australia is so much better than from anywhere else in the world. And especially if it is from my beloved Margaret River or from my backyard, Perth’s Swan Valley.

You know how it is… every word that comes from the mouth of a guru should be followed without question… well in Masterson’s new book The Pledge, there are a number of pieces of advice which are just plan bull!!
When have you heard that a truly relaxing and healthy pursuit is time spent writing in a “cigar lounge”?? Geez hasn’t secondary smoking disease warnings got to Florida yet?? I might be really relaxed, pity about the lung cancer I got from inhaling your cigar smoke.

But the real dozy of Masterson’s advice is his impassioned plea to cut down your shower to 2 minutes!!

Hasn’t Michael heard that the world’s best thoughts appear whilst having a long relaxing warm shower?? Geez, you couldn’t get wet in under 2 minutes and surely you would still be smelly with that little water on your body.

Masterson recognises that this advice is not well received because when he has suggested it before in his writings the feedback received has been unanimously negative. So, it would seem to make his point about more strongly, he brings out the politically correct argument – shower less and save the planet!! Give me a break mate. Hasn’t he heard about the 2010 floods in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia. Is he seriously suggesting shorter showers will save us from the change in world climate…

I love it when we have these “the world is getting hotter” floods, the floods aren’t anywhere as bad as those we had 100 years ago… they even have a term for these events – “once in a 100 year flood.”

So, in my continuing search for better ways to do things, I am going to pass on having shorter showers… the time we have is too short to be worried about BO…

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  1. Oh no, I couldn't have shorter showers. Though I get the point, taking the time to listen and learn from our own intuition is invaluable. There is no time wasted that is spent in reflection. For me, the shower is one place that helps me reflect.