Thursday, July 26, 2018

Be amazed what you can achieve.

Originally published in Rebootology

Justin Herald started his Attitude Gear business when he was 25 years old, and never anticipated that it would grow to what it has today, with the brand being licensed by more then 20 companies throughout the world. 

He readily admits that he didn’t know very much about business in those early days, so he would create his own way of doing things that kept everything as simple as possible. However, he thrived on a challenge, and when a store owner told him that there had been no demand for his gear to warrant him buying stock, Justin arranged for three of his friends to ring the store each week for the next four weeks asking about his clothing range. The owner eventually said that he was waiting for the rep to give him a call, so Justin realised the importance of trying to protect his brand, and set about trying to patent the word Attitude.

If you have ever been through the process of trying to patent a generic word such as attitude you will understand the resistance he experiences for the patents office. However after three years of persistence he finally succeeded. This master stroke is what has now propelled his business into world wide expansion as large corporations who were keen to break unto the youth market Attitude Gear was attracting have paid him millions of dollars to co-brand their products with the Attitude name.

When you believe that anything can be done – it’s amazing what you can achieve.

Can I recommend that if you need a mentor Justin has a fantastic program... let me know in the comments and I will put you in touch!

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