Saturday, July 14, 2018

The new Elite - Are you a shoe girl

Are you a shoe GIRL

The New elite?
I was listening to Robert Kiyosaki podcast and he had a guest talking about how "we" had stuffed up the economy.
The basic idea was that 40 years ago schools started giving out scholarships to very bright disadvantaged kids... the brightest of the bright without funds... and they did exceptionally well. And now because they did well they are the elite - used to being given a free ride and now earning exceptional income and the problem is their entitled kids.
With these exceptionally bright University educated people [ Obama Clinton Bob Hawke etc ] rising to power we have become a knowledge society where money is made in the financial markets of the world and not by building things.
The idea put was that we needed to get back to rewarding making things...
It made me think about political correctness where people are allowed to be offended for other people even when the other people are not necessarily offended. My example is asking a lady if "are you a shoe girl" which those who are agree and those who want to be offended become offended by the sexist language,

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