Sunday, July 22, 2018

What are you waiting for

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Originally published in Rebootology

One of the reasons I hear why people haven't done what they want to do is that they don't have the money...

Want to share something with you - money magically appears when you expect it to... currently I am a single person operator with some help from a couple of outsource people and the money seems to run out before the month... it always did.

I think back to say 2005 when I had 20 staff [ $20 k a week wage bill ] an office in the CBD [ $5000 a month in outgoings - car parking etc ] a newer car with a lease { $1000 a month - same car now worth zilch but the lease is Zilch ] plus other shit and holidays... you know what, the money used to run out before the month but the numbers were different it was $30 k a week just to open the door... now with everything cut down I still feel the same angst as the $$$'s take their time to arrive - yet the holiday is still planned [ cruising the med in September ] but yesterday the travel agent said you passport runs out exactly 6 monhs from when you get home... and we think you should play safe and get a new one... my mind shifted to scarcity mode and after checking how much a new passport would cost [ $282 thank you very much ] I wondered "where will I find another $282 for that!

As Paulo Coelho says: "DO IT NOW" it might be too late later!

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