Sunday, January 14, 2018

Will you starve or thrive

Michelangelo was RICH when he was alive!

To starve or thrive - it is only a choice!
Lots of stuff we just accept - like to be a great artist we need to go through pain... to starve and somehow the pain helps the art. We have been known [ I admit to this ] look down on successful artists like Ken Done and all his millions, However, I didn't begrudge Paul McCartney all those millions when I went to one of the 100 One on One shows of his world tour. It somehow is OK that he is rich become imagination.

So I am posing to you that artists deserve to thrive when they are making there art... Walt Disney is recorded as saying he didn't make films to make money but rather he made money so he could make films. [ Did you know the first truly BIG flow of cash came from the sale of Mickey Mouse watches.]

Also, Michelangelo was rich in his life time. Some say he was worth $50 million or more... and he was known to own multiple homes.

So here is to thriving... want to be part of Just 17 MasterMind let me know by commenting "Just17"

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