Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Not ready yet for God's waiting room

Perfect Waves at Margaret River

Mmmm do you like birthdays?? Today I am 66... and when I was younger and until my twenties people in their 60's died of over work and old age - usually some horrible illness or a really bad flu got them. Here I am fit - 10 kms a day, healthy - I don't have a "doctor" no need apart from annual skin cancer removals [ beach in the sun as a kid ] and whilst wealthy is a stretch we are planning a Mediterranean cruise this year based on where it goes not how much it costs. So what gets people who live longer is that the body out lasts the mind... shit I hope that isn't me.
So, today is just another notch on the belt and I am still planning my next 100 ninety day projects [ that's 25 years for you non mathies ]
Grace and Frankie have a phone that only rings to announce an funeral - haven't got there yet but maybe I should consider prepaying my cremation expenses - they say costs of dying always go up but apparently the internet has ignited a price war in the UK Mmmm just another thing to have to decide about.
Terry and Elizabeth Parsons are going to put my ashes in their caravan and them spread them [ my ashes ] into the sea at Margaret River...
I just checked and I am still breathing..

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... I will be here for 67th!

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