Saturday, January 27, 2018

Enough already

The Popular Australian National Anthem

It's time [ and I am old enough ] to say - enough is enough - about stuff that is rammed down our throats by the politically correct police.

What am I talking about?? In a group of 10 fellow proud Aussies on Australia Day a mixture of Italian and Croation immigrants, a Yorshire couple and me, a 5th generation West Australian, I voiced the opinion that I hoped that the movement to make Invasion Day the replacement for Australia Day wouldn't catch on.

I was shouted down, and kneed by "she who knows better" to keep quiet, and told that even though we have an elected Government, Democracy is a flawed system and it doesn't matter if most people don't want something, if a loud enough group shouts loud enough we should accept there views - does this sound like Same Sex Marriage advocates [?] we should make sure nobody has any grievance... and I am sure these views will be feed to young minds in school... like Safe Schools Anti Bully Nonsense... until, our weak kneed politicians, to shut up the shouting, will give in, have a National conversation, and then claim credit for a "progressive" point of view and change what ails the "down trodden"

It reminds me of the saying "Life was meant to be fair!" so get used to it.

Forever, we have had the GOLDEN RULES - the persona with the gold makes the RULES [ even I have had to change that from the man to the person ]

I used to think Ayn Rand's writing were science fiction but they are really were accurate predictions of social change - where was that country they went to to start again??

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