Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fallen Heroes

Thought for Today 87/500
Fallen heroes?

A few years ago I was in the UK when the "news" broke about Rolf Harris... and I had trouble believing it because he was a childhood hero - he actually stayed with our family in Margaret River when he was a star on Channel 7 Perth... it turns out his justification for his behaviour was "everyone was doing it!"

And I have watched every episode and a few a few times of Dr Blake's Mysteries [ along with more than 1.5 million other Australians ] and the fall from grace of Craig McLaughlin seems complete and with it maybe Dr Blake... why has he been like this for so long??

It seems we put up with poor behaviour from anyone who "does it" chair sniffing Troy and George and we turn a blind eye...

I was soundly frowned on when I asked a young person politely to take his shoes off the chair at Macca's recently - not by the young guy who apologised - but my mature age companion who gave me the eye...

What are your defended boundaries??

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