Friday, January 19, 2018

Why do you contract to get a saving!!

The symbol of what is wrong with BIG Business

Mmmm... I got this bill from Telstra. "We are doing great things making your plan UNLIMITED... but I am paying for the top plan so I think why don't you give me a better monthly rate?? Reasonable question don't you think??

Anyway I am told I can get a better plan "totally unlimited " everything, and you save $50 a month... so I say yes BUT you have to contract for 24 more months.... no issue because I have been with Telstra for 42 years!!

But you have a "silent number" that is $3 a month NOT to list our number and we have to record this as a contract and owe we will list all your private details and do a credit check and .... and at that point I say STOP... why can't you just reduce the bill by $47 a month " We can't do that Sir... we can only change your plan if you have a new contract" and to do that you give up all sorts of things.

What should I have done... I am going to try again today and see if I get someone with commonsense and who will just change the plan... maybe but I am a patient person.

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