Saturday, January 20, 2018

Concentrate on what you are good at..

Paddle where I point!
Concentrate on what you are good at... ignore your weaknesses!
This morning I was listening to my daily podcast and I was fired up by the MFCEO talk... yes it does mean that!
It was about "Are you a hate to lose or a love to win!" type of person.

The story to reinforce the point was a down the rapids white water raft adventure... the group people thought the water was too rough - there had been a few days of drenching rain. So, it was decided that thry would wait until another day all except one "Old " guy who took control... here was his instructions... watch where I point and paddle as hard as you can towards there - I promise I won't point to rocks and in 30 years I have never not had a success boat trip..

Point of story - focus on what you want, NOT what you fear... focus on your strengths not your weaknesses... get really good at what you are good at and let someone else do the stuff you are not good at.

Want the tallest building... don't try and know down the other buildings, just build your taller!

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