Sunday, January 21, 2018

Are you guilty of streaming infidelity

Jane Fond ageing well?!
Jane Fonda makes me feel WOW !!
And after binge watching of Grace and Franki I am all in favour of "work" if she has had some!

So what did I want to say about this Netflix special... after episode 1 of series 4 or 5 Joanne commented there can't be enough for another 11 episodes... but was she wrong.

I think we have touched on gay marriage, sisters estranged, cancer, husbands dying, orangutans escaping, runny eggs, loneliness, sex reveal baby showers, knee surgery, younger men as lovers, mixed race adoption, hippies in Arizona, drunk driving of mobility scooters, tiny houses [ can we do this in my car - it has more room ] weird names Coyote in preference to a Normal name, the spirit world, dementia, elderly gay couple counselling, open gay marriages, and we still have a few episodes to fo - and the new social evil of binge watching without your watching partner [ what's the name for that - yes that's it - streaming infidelity - oh Joanne was so wrong...

What is your favourite new social challenge?

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