Thursday, January 18, 2018

Well Sherlock who would have thought Wendy a Spy?

Wendy and Rupert - sly old dog

No shit - Wendy Deng is a spy!!
I remember my mum [ pretty sure it was her ] saying "There is no fool like an old fool " ] and thinking that when a few years ago filthy rich Rupert Murdoch married super model [ Chinese ] Wendy Deng. It was speculated it had to do with News Corporation expanding to China but the boys [ Rupert's ] started to kick up when the new daughter needed to be written into the inheritance plans... and I thought "Not bad work if you can get it Wendy"
Press scuttle butt says Tony Blair fell for the charms of Wendy and now the US press is in a frenzy, Wendy is being investigated as a Chinese spy - apparently Chinese diplomats have been whispering about Wendy for a while - OPEN SCERET I think the term is.
And this morning, Rupert is off to hospital after falling and hurting his back whilst on a sons Yacht [ or floating hotel ].
And I think Rupert is approaching 90 so there must be life in the old dog yet!

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