Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Cooke @FreoCookster builds my business

The power of negative comments on Social Media is only a problem if you don't engage with those who believe negative exposure is bad...

Today there were a number of tweets by a John Cooke who has the handle of @FreoCookster which resulted in spikes in the traffic to all my web addresses... and a number of web searches etc.

I truly thank Cooke and his friends including @JasonJordan @rashaman [I wonder if that is really an alias??] @grum etc... these "self styled" experts go to extraordinary lengths to cause me negative effects but actually build my standing within the market I service.

It is a great delightful irony that when your detractors have such small minds and such petty ideals, it becomes their Achilles heel... and rather than them causing their targets harm, they build the reputation of the person they seek to tear down.

John Cooke says that he will mention me in his "#socmed presos" which I presume means that he spreads this information to others claiming to be an expert... and in every case I get POSITIVE feedback.

So, please please please @FreoCookster keep it up - I would even consider paying for the great work you are doing to prove that I understand how to use the medium of Social Media Marketing more effectively than you.

[Also my "old" mate Lesley Dewar gets a badge for her continual great promotion... thanks Lesley I really appreciate your version of the universe.

Picture tells a 1,000 stories Cooke and Dewar doing great things... [Actually they do do some great stuff which I applaud them for... but you cant build yourself up by tearing down others!]


  1. Why did you list me in your post?

    Firstly I'm no "self styled expert" as you claim me to be. I don’t advertise myself to be in any field related to social media of the sort. There is nothing listed on my Twitter profile, my blog, my personal homepage or any other site online that I’m listed on. Any services I DO provide are done in private and away from the public spotlight.

    I’m just some guy on the Internet who has no idea why I’ve been included in this blog post.

    So get your facts right about me you presumptuous twat.

    Secondly, I wouldn't waste my time initiating a troll campaign against you (or whatever conspiracy you claim me to be part of). You may or may not be successful at what you do (and if you are, good for you). But I've taken great offence in being mentioned in this post given that I have absolutely nothing to do with this alleged smear campaign against you. I don't want anything to do with you. You are beneath me. You follow the business practice of spreading a plague on the Internet with spam; throwing whatever shit you can get your hands on at the wall and seeing what sticks.

    “Internet Marketers” like you are the online equivalent of car traffic light window washers, annoying the fuck out of people and getting paid for it even when the end result is embarrassingly bad work that has to be redone in a car wash. You make life difficult for people who do legitimate marketing, people who use creativity and vision to promote a product and not just shotgun bite sized portions of data into the void hoping someone gets hit in the face. Clients see your work as cheap and effective without realising the damage it causes when they need to do proper campaigns.

    You take pride on people who publicly try to humiliate you and openly advertise this? That’s just plain amateur.

    I don’t ever want to be associated with people like you.

    So stop being an arrogant dick and learn how to be professional online by ignoring people who criticise you and stop posting juvenile posts like this that make you look like a two-bit salesman.

    Be a man and let this reply pass moderation in your blog and let the rest of the world read and critique it. I don’t care if your supporters link their arms together and declare that I am the spawn of Satan. Anyone who agrees with you simply is acknowledging to the world that they’re willing to put proper online business practices aside and will lower themselves to your level.

    You disgust me.

  2. Wayne - not wanting to further your empire any further, but just a note to anyone who might read this:

    I did not initiate this contact with Wayne Mansfield. He included me in a twitter @reply to someone I follow and I responded with the comments above.

  3. Thanks John and @grum [no moderation on my blog mate so let it rip!!]

    Mmmm fantastic that it is someone else who got you sucked into the discussion - I responded to someone who requested my phone number which I happily gave... and the "discussion" became a "troll"... but guys, as I commented, every time this type of comment flood happens I get more business... so keep it up guys!!

  4. Wayne - you really are the master of spin! And frankly, it sucks!

    As your *old mate* as you call me, you owe me an apology, for including me in this post, in this context.

    The picture in your blog that includes me and John Cooke also includes Tony Serve from 6PR and is a steal from a series of pictures on a night when the Perth Underground Twitter Brigade were raising funds for the homeless.

    We spent the night at the Perth Railway Station and raised a considerable amount of money for a National Appeal. Didn't see you there!!

    My face in the picture is pretty recognisable now, because a professional photo shoot for an international press agency was taken that same afternoon at the Railway Station and has appeared in the press around the world, on more than one occasion. It is also my profile pic in lots of places.

    Frankly, I do not appreciate you twisting my name into your blog posts and misusing my picture to promote yourself as a victim and me as one of the perpetrators.

    Since that night, several of the people you mention have vilifed me on Twitter - (you cannot be unaware of this, because I know how you surf the channels) - and to mention me in the same blog post as them, and in the same vein, is simply beyond the pale.

    I await your apology.

  5. What people have "vilified you" Lesley... I only mention the couple who are featured in yesterdays Twitter exchange... and I only react to bad press I dont go looking for it.

    What should I apologize for?? Saying you do good work?? Saying your version of things is often different to mine?? I dont think any of those require an apology.

    I commend you for your work with the homeless and I am in awe of the work Tony Serve does in that area - he is a knight in shining armour.

    My suggestion is chill out and let the world move on...

    Well done also on your work getting the Swan District boys over to Brisbane... I saw about that in a Tony Serve tweet.

    Oh... did you mean the "guru" bloke... he hasn't said nasty things about you has he??

  6. Picture tells a 1,000 stories Cooke and Dewar doing great things... [Actually they do do some great stuff which I applaud them for... but you cant build yourself up by tearing down others!]

    If I misread your intentions to include me, from the above quote (tearing down others), then let's simply say that you could have been more precise in your wording.

    I only saw this because Google updates me every day, and no, you will not lure me into naming any names! Except to say that Tony Serve did publically come to my defence. God bless him! He IS a knight in shining armour.

    Thank you for the kind comments about Swan Districts - the club did reach out to me through LinkedIn and I added what influence I could to their cause.

    However, I am sure that most of the support they received came from their own efforts, rather than mine. It is great to see the boys being featured in The West Australian.

    The really exciting news is that through Twitter and LinkedIn what was going to be a one shop stop at a Women's Small Business Expo in Los Angeles with a holiday tagged on has now become #nanaswalkabout.

    We are madly planning a nine or ten city tour of the US and Canada for Stories My Nana Tells. After LA, it's on to NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, San Francisco and a couple of points inbetween. My Twitter and LinkedIn friends don't just want to meet me - they want me to stay with them, while I am there. As soon as I said I was coming to America, it has been non-stop "you must come here".

    Guess I am not waiting for the world to move on......

  7. Lesley

    Great that you reviewed the post in the context of what was going on.

    All the best on your trip to the US