Friday, January 07, 2011

40 Day Water Bomb For Good Health?

Guest Editorial by Tahya Gardner:

Last Friday whilst out for our regular work lunch I received a received for review a magazine, Veritas. Whilst waiting for my sandwich I had a flick through the pages, and was impressed at the good presentation and colourful pages.

Since being back in the office I have had a chance to have a deeper look into the magazine and read some of the articles that are featured.

One story struck me, The Water Bomb (page 20) about a single mum, Rebecca Mitchell, who drinks nothing but water for 40 days, no food. She explains the troubles she encountered at the beginning, how she felt during the experiment and the outcome.

My personal belief and first thought when I finished reading is that in order to keep looking and feeling healthy, it is essential to eat certain foods such as meat, vegetables and fruit.

Breakfast is known to most as the main meal of the day – I fail to understand that a bottle of water will have you feeling full and focused for a days work!

Reading on I find the magazine to be very contradicting, as I came across an article on Page 52, The Seven Principles to a Healthy You.

Water is stated as principle 2; however principle number 5 states ‘Whole Foods!’ (Unprocessed Food.) But I was told earlier on in the magazine that living on nothing but water for 40 days will have you feeling fresh and healthy, WITHOUT Whole Foods and the 5 other principles listed!?

So, in order to look and be healthy, and feel good, I disagree on the ‘water diet’ and believe food IS important!

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I think you may have missed what Veritas was trying to convey. "The Water Bomb" article was about fasting and cleansing, not about constant dieting on water without food. We all know we cannot live purely on water, but what the article highlights is the amazing possibilities of cleansing the body and how it makes one feel to remove all toxins from the body that is mostly due to our foods. The ancients knew that cleansing the body purely on water every so often was vital in maintaining health and optimizing the body.