Thursday, January 13, 2011

Parking Fine Karma is GOOD LUCK!

I stopped in on one of my favourite coffee shops in Mount Lawley for a HOT flat white but parked on the outbound side of the road... usually I parked on the other side.

I checked the parking sign immediately where I parked and I read it as Clearway 4.15 to 6pm and that I could park for 1 hour.

All OK as it was 3.30pm.

So I enjoyed my coffee and read The New Scientist... and I noticed a RAC Tilt Tray Tow Truck removing vehicles from where I had parked... quickly I returned to the car... and on the window screen was a parking ticket... I checked my watch and it was 4.10pm.

Well I copped an $80 fine - see in the obscured THIRD sign on the same sign it says NO STANDING 3.30 to 4.15pm

Whilst I think that is sneaky, I rejoiced in the fact that getting parking tickets has always been a precursor to months of REALLY great luck.

The ticket had a BPAY option so I have paid the $80... but I will write to the council and ask them to make the signs clearer... on second thoughts I wont! I will just enjoy the luck!!

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