Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Opposite Prayers??

What a strange place Australia is...

So large and so different. The West Australian Newspaper is reporting in the first 10 pages of it's January 11th issue 2011 [that's today]:

1. floods so server that houses are being washed away and people are losing their lives with a death toll of more than a dozen lives lost to Nature's fury in Queensland and New South Wales,
2. drought in south West Australia [worst since records have been kept from 1829],
3. fires claiming houses in suburbs 100 kilometres from Perth, and
4. scientists selecting our North West Australian landscape because it is the most like Mars anywhere on the planet.

And the back page has the really important and relevant news for concerned Australian citizens, of a "woman scourned" by sports people - footballers - behaving badly, extracting revenge.

Joanne often says she wonders how God decides who's prayers to answer today... and I hear the beautiful songstress Becky Cole signing "Opposite Prayers... he answers mine how will he answer theirs.."

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