Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You want me to do what?

Another flight… another day! An uneventful flight from Perth to Brisbane on Sunday night to present my popular seminars Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats and Lead and Motivating Sales Teams. Uneventful except the sixth piece of luggage takes 20 minutes to come through the luggage carousel and now it’s 12.05 and already Monday morning.

Arriving at the Holiday Inn there is no night porter so it is a “load your own luggage” experience. And a quick stroll to the check in counter sees me greeted by a young lady who would rather be somewhere else – hey it’s not the world’s best job being a nigh receptionist at a 5 star hotel, although I am reminded that it is probably 4 and a little bit.

“Will some one bring up my luggage” I ask as I make my way to Room 525. “Of course sir… right a way.”

My hotel room ritual follows… get the television fired up and catch up with the news of the world. It seems to taking a while for the luggage to arrive… it’s been 20 minutes but it is late and maybe the night porter is otherwise occupied so I think I will wait another 10 minutes before ringing reception. But I am getting a little tired, and after 45 minutes I phone down. “Is my luggage on the way” I enquire??

“Yes Sir!” is the curt reply.

I wait expectantly by the door… surely the lift will be quick and I will be able to shower and jump into bed for the quick nap before getting up at 5am. Is it now 1.30am… where is my luggage??

I probably should just get it myself. And off I go down to the reception area but… “No luggage!” Surely they haven’t lost it?? Back to room 525… maybe we passed in the night??

And there it is, at the door, a trolley of 6 pieces of luggage and a petite young woman totally breathless from pushing a heavy trolley.

“Oh there you are” I say… “Where have you been. I have been waiting an hour.”

“It was too heavy for me but my manager wouldn’t help me bring it up.”

“Well it’s here now” I comment, “So let’s get into the room and let me get to sleep.”

Thinking I will make a comment on they “How did we do” feedback sheet, I asked “Does your manager have a name?” “Yes” she replies “Michael.”

So, a quick shower to wash off a full day and a 4 hour flight, and a now 2 hour wait for the sanctity of my bed. And sleep is mercifully quick.

Brrrrr Brrrrr Brrrrr Is that the phone?? What is going on?? What is the time 2.30am are you kidding? “Hello” “Mr Mansfield, this is Nadine, can I come up and get a statement about what has happened?”

“What? When?” I bleat… bleat is right as it is now 2.30. “Yes… I finish my shift soon and I want to record what happened.”

Having got used to sleeping “au natural” I say that it isn’t convenient but I will fill in a “Can we do better” report and give it in at reception in the morning, forgetting it is actually morning already.

Morning is mercifully quick… and I go to the Reception area and ask if there has been a change of shift and is there a new duty manager. Yes, we have a bright bushy eyed Duty Manager and I ask t see her.

Introducing myself I am greeted with “I have been expecting you…”

There is a nearly acceptable end to the story – "I have investigated your situation" I am informed later and "your stay is complimentary but this is not how things usually happen at The Holiday Inn Brisbane."

If that were only true.

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