Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Perth - Is it Really Paradise

Skyline in paradise??

Saturday morning December 16th 2006 looking across the Swan River to the city of Perth at 9am. It's already 33 and absolutely fabulous. It's the third day of the Third Ashes Test and the high is predicted at 37... it actually makes 42 with 52.5 on the WACA Pitch at 3pm. The poor poms... not only are they getting a trashing, they are slowly cooking to death.

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty of the place where we live. Wednesday morning is when I leave with my family to travel to London to spend time with my daughter Erica who has been away for the last few Christmases and her mum misses her to much for another one to pass with out us sharing Christmas lunch together.

So, just one more reminisce about the reason we live in Perth... The beautiful foreshore at South Perth which will be the venue for the Australia Day SkyWorks fireworks spectacular.

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