Monday, December 04, 2006

Small Business Bookeeping Solution

Well, any new business owner has been through it, and it can be one of the most tormenting and difficult parts of running your own small business. Bookkeeping is an annoying but necessary part of successfully operating a business, but sometimes the cost of sourcing it out to others, be it monitery or the ruination of your books, leaves you in a difficult position.

It seems that this isn't a rare problem, as another small business operator, John Vanhara, has also experienced the hassel of managing accounts and unreliable assistance from bookkeepers. In an effort to solve this, he has come up with his own quickbooks bookkeeping, a service that can manage and organise your accounts for you, at a much cheaper rate than what is usually offered by most other companies.

Quickbooks bookkeeping utilises a simple system that allows them to quickly and accurately mange accounts, and can outsource this system online for a very low cost. In the last three years, the company has worked with a huge number of businesses in similar situations, and believes in the philosophy of keeping things simple and efficient, in order to maintain low cost.

Their record speaks for itself, and is definately an avenue worth exploring for anyone else in this situation.

- Liam Webb

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