Friday, December 08, 2006

The Biggest Cause of Stress

Here's some interesting facts from the Maverick Spirit Newsletter about common causes of stress:

According to Business Review Weekly's annual survey of Australia's 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, stress continued to be a major problem with causes being concerns about cashflow, outgrowing premises, motivating staff and unfair dismissal legislations. These are some of the responses on what caused stress:

Charles Woodware, Rainforestation:
"The introduction of unfair dismissal legislation. It takes longer to get rid of the problem staff, and upsets the majority (90%) of good staff who actually want someone not pulling their weight dismissed."

Don Brdger, Project Plumbing:
"Discovering dishonesty of a senior member of staff who on dismissal tried to use the anti-discrimination and unlawful termination laws against us unfairly."

Mary Silins, Laserline Supplies:
"While the results were on the board showing the company was doing well, I had not realised we had lost a good deal of customers due to poor follow-up by sales personnel."

Vince Battaglia, Landmarks Construction:
"Coming from a small company to a middle sized one it was stressful to fully understand the necessity of delegation."

Pat McCluskey, ANCA:
"Maintaining product and support quality during periods of great company expansions."

Cameron Parsons, Empire Ridge:
"The collection of substantial overdue accounts from large corporate clients."

David Stewart, Banksia Technology:
"Legal action from one of our competitors that turned out to be baseless."

Michael Minshall, Summit Storage Products:
"Business issues don't cause me stress, people issues cause me stress, for example, lack of co-operation and teamwork among staff."

Ron Doughty, Delron Cleaning:
"The ability of goverment to diminish the requirements of quality assurance after being so adamant on it's requirement."

Andrew Bell, Flash Graphics:
"Managing growth targets funded from cashflow."

- Wayne Mansfield

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