Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting People Motivated in Business

People respond to seven motivational forces in business as well as daily life. They are:

  • Acceptance: They want assuramce that they are needed.

  • Accomplishment: They like to see a task completed.

  • Environment: They enjoy pleasant surroundings and friendly associates.

  • Recognition: They need praise and publicity.

  • Responsibility: They like authority

  • Security: They are concerned about the future

  • Status: They are aware of, and impressed by, status symbols.

These motivational forces cover a pretty wide spectrum... look them over and see how they apply to you and those you work with. You'll probably see that some people respond better to different things than others.

Some people can do this instinctively. If you are not one of them, use a methodical procedure and go through each of the motivational forces and match them to your self, your family, to your staff or colleagues at work. Knowing these psychological rules will help you keep those around you motivated and successful.

- Wayne Mansfield

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