Saturday, December 23, 2006

Borough Markets London at Christmas

Borough Markets in London is an assault to the senses. Now I have been to the central markets in Kuala Lumpur and Denpasar where you recoil from the sight of fresh produce but this was different.

Fish mongers who were displaying the jewels of the sea. Farmers from England, France, Belgium and beyond sharing samples of the meats, cheeses and fruits of their labor. It was just wonderful. Fresh, if there is such a thing, truffles at $500 per 100 gms - that's $5,000 a kilo.

And what a buzz as lunch time shoppers sampled the most unusual take away food I have ever seen. I could have spent the whole day observing people going about their business.

Here's Joe, a South African, who is obviously enjoying his work in the fresh poultry stand where we got our rolled turkey for Chrismas dinner... and wouldn't you be happy too with the best produce in the world to sell? From giant organically grown turkey to plump pigeon, fresh free range ckicken eggs to quail eggs... in fact everything poultry could be had at this stall.

And if you weren't aware that there was "Proper Fish and Chips" this sign leaves you with no doubt that you haven't had fish and chips until you have had some from London's Borough Markets Fish!kitchen.

And what is Christmas with out nursery rhymes... like "Little Jack Horner".

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