Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Secure Postage Mailing Solution

Emails these days have become a simple and quick way for sending messages and postin information that would normally have had to wait a day or two through traditional postage means. There have been vast improvements in the security and filtering of emails, which has allowed people to feel more confident about sending sensitive documents.

But there is still a need for normal mailing, such as bills, personal letters, packages and other courier related items that simple must be posted this way. But how can a business or individual ensure their security, quickly and simply. I've been thinking about solutions for this problem for a while, and yesterday I was shown this example for mailboxes, by a website, This service provides a complete online directory of secure mail boxes, drop boxes and remailing services in your area.

This type of service is perfect for those that wish security in the mail delivery, and reduce the risk of mail being tampered with or stolen, especially important for businesses and companies. This type of service is also perfect for those starting up their own business from home, and by using a drop address, can greatly add to the credibility of their company, mailing to a prestigious
address as oppose to a residential address.

For those who have experienced this type of problem in the past, or simply wishes to prevent it from happening at all, this directory is a great place to start.

- Liam Webb

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