Friday, December 03, 2021

What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There:!

 I was aked to do something and made a plan and started to put into action - but I didn't tell anyone! anyway, it was assumed that I wasn't oing anything so someone else is doing the situtaion.

who's at fault?? I would have said " Not me" but thinking about it more, it is totally my fault as I din't tell anyone what I was doing. I should have shared the plan so they knew I was getting there.

Do you do the same thing too?

        Todays # Hashtags

            1.    #NFT
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            3.    #GST
            4.    #NewCovid
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            6.    #PollieFiend
            7.    #Lockdwon
            8.    #TestBan
            9.    #GaryV
            10.   #Books

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