Saturday, December 11, 2021

What happens when you life is longer than you planned!

 I often think of my uncle who retired early [62] but lived into his 90's. He was the first person who lived longer than was expected. He told me once: " You can only play golf for so many years " he stopped playing golf when he turned 90!

My situation is that my goals have been achieved but not planning for the future sucks! In another converstaion with a mates dad, I insensitively said... my uncle once said "One of the problems of getting old is that all your friends die"

This is was brought home at his funeral service which was old people but not many! [probably he outlived all of them!]

Times are now different! I was conditioned to retire at 65 [ Planned what should happen - I even picked out jobs but times have changed so much that two of the three have disappeared [Pest control and encyclopedia's have disappeared and selling cars is moving online - Honda, Hyundai and Audi!] 

So the challenge is "what to do!" The expectation of the length of life is at least 90 so there are 20 to 30 years to fill. The last few months have been a painful readjustment to those extra hours and weeks and months and years.... what should I do?

Anyway I have startes to look at thw future through different eyes.... who has made 100 ! with all their marbles!

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