Wednesday, December 29, 2021

McCartney going strong was born in 1943!

The area that could easily be fixed on the diversity scale is that which currently is the biggest... age! Did you know most systems were designed when the most common death occurred at age 40! Did you notice how old people were that succumbed to covid - 80+ was the most common age.

what happens to people who are "seniors"? They are discarded because that is "the way". This has lead to a new movement called the "Modern elder" group. People old enough to contribute from a place of experience but well enough to pull their weight.

I was reminded of this watching a series of Paul McCartney videos which talked about his age as 76plus... and he is still making hit records and performing [pre-covid] to stadium sized crowds of 50k+

He was asked at 18 what he would bw doing at "the Old age of 20" And he remarked "probably not being a player in a rock and roll band." Yet here he is in 2021, 78 Years old... still being a "singer in a rock and roll band."

Go figure!

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