Monday, December 20, 2021

Mate, will you rub my legs?

Thw first time I was asked by a "street person" for a specific amount of money for a specific reson - for example " Can you let mw hve $4.50 for the train fare to Gosnells" - I was tempted to give that peroson $4.50 but I have been "cashlass" for sometime so my answer was "if you have a cardmachine I will gladly give you the $4.50" I was approached at least a dozen times with the same script but I didn't feel so gulted that I couldn't give.

This morning the script was different "Hey mate, can you rub my legs?" When I asked him to sit on a nearby bench he refused... but said " before you go, can you spare a few dollars?" Different script [ I would say a much better one!) but for the same reason... modern day begging. I would have rub his legs and probably given him my safety first cash but he didn't have that part of the scrpt down pat.
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