Saturday, December 04, 2021

MMM is it too late?

The last two years waiting for the old way to come back has been exhausting - then I realised it isn't going to... that has been a libersting thought.

In GaryVanyerrchuck's book "12 and a half" it makes the point to that evn if you are 65 or older [ I am 69] "to be curious."

He says: " If you want to get back on the field,, sixty-five to ninty can be like playtime. What if you shared your knowedge from over sixty years of life?" What if you could enhance your legacy by communicating to the world on social media, taking advantage of an opportunity you didn't have in the prime of your career?" That puts the future unto sharp focus... just like the horse and buggy, the old way isn't coming back - get over it!

                Todays # Hashtags

                    1.    #NFT
                    2.    $Jab
                    3.    #GST
                    4.    #AntiVax
                    5.    #$80Million
                    6.    #TanyaP
                    7.    #000RapeHorror
                    8.    #BHPLoss
                    9.    #BabyGiraffe
                    10.   #TestBan

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