Sunday, May 16, 2021

Science changes.... but trust it at the time!

The politicans have a mantra.... " trust the science" the only problem is that science's job is to disprove things.... remember being taught that there were nine planets until science discovered that there are only eight.  

I have been on a health kivk for a year [ going from 90 plus kilos down to 70! but recently on giving blood my blood pressure has been going up.... even when my weight was less and I am walking nearly 20,000 steps a day... well the science says that mouth wash [ you read that right ] increases your blood pressure because while in makes your breath fresh, in doing so, it kills the bugs that lower your blood pressure - this is NEW science - so from today the mouth wash will be ditched and new ways to clean the mouth - science recommends a good rinse with good old water.

So, yes trust the science but remmber it often changes... remember once the world was flat and germs didn't kill you.. such was science back in the day.... and people who disagreed with the science were demonised. Unfortunately, that sounds like 2021 and covid-19!

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