Friday, May 14, 2021

Time for reinvention - REBOOTOLOGY

 Mmmm there are always signs that a pivot is necessary - the Australian Budget set out clearly that that time has come- Qantas and virgin can see the writing on the wall... Both have delayed their international flight plans again, biting the bullet that International Travel will be delayed until 2022 at the earliest.

And I lsitened to a podcast this morning by James Altucher talking to the millionaires Magician Steve Cohen and he said "I have always promoted myself... I am restarting in June."

An interesting thing was that he got a better response when he did magic shows in flash rooms rather than dirty bars.... and after 5,000 shows he strived to be FRESH.

So, June seems like a good time to restart... and the topic should be different to what worked in 2016 except I have to be the "Impressario" Dottie Walters desribed me as that - Provider of public entertainment.

So here is to the adventure!

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