Monday, May 10, 2021

Mmmm maybe travel is off for a while!

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrisson, has suggested Australians won't be able to travel for at least 1 year.... I think I will adjst to those facts... after travelling 2 out of 4 weeks for every year for the last 20... staying home has been very disruptive to me and any one I am associated with [ I have been descibed as any "angry Fat old man" when just being me ] I have lost 20 kilos and try to be less angery, unfortunately the old part I have little ontrol over.

I am just listening to talkback radio and they [6PR Liam Barlett] are taking calls from people who won't have the jab if they can't travel. I think I will get the 2nd jab and be ready to travel if the situation changes.. just as an aside, I got a call that required travel to Melbourne but I declined because here in Western Australia if they find a case they shut the city down and you need 2 weeks in hotel quarantine at a cost of $2500 so I declined the travel.

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