Friday, May 21, 2021

Are Podcasts good for your mind

One of the problems of walking is that your mind wanders... you can direct it with radio but radio works on people being offended so that means you are run by headlines.... or you can listen to music [Spotify] but the musics you like is usually rooted in the past [for me the beatles and Michel Buble] or li wstening to podcasts - Tim Ferriss and John Maxwell today.

Today it was Tim Ferriss talking to Chip Wilson who is the only person I have heard talk positively about Landmark and claims to have been "cancelled" because he used sloppy terminology about why Lullelemon tights where fraying [ deep research showed that people bought thenm two sizes too small and there the fabric stretched when not designed for that purpose] and he said the pants weren't for all women... rather than say "buy the right size." The irony is that the company employed more women than men.

I like the saying "Listen, Learn than Lead!"

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