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Facebook Step 5 of 23 Steps to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Facebook is Step 5 of 23 Steps to conquer Social Media 2012...

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I've left Facebook, which is the granddaddy of all the social media applications to Step 5. Most people would start on it, but because we've got Facebook anyway, I thought I'd leave it to a little later in our steps for total domination.

Now, Facebook, as we're recording this which is mid-2012, is expected to announce that it has its one billionth member of Facebook. That's extraordinary, isn't it? It would make it the third biggest country in the world after China and India. I could see at the rate it's been growing, this time next year we'll be talking about it having more members than there are people in either China or India. But social media really most people say, well,it's Facebook.

Let me give you the figures for Australia. Australia has 22 million people. Facebook say they have 12 million registered users, so that's better than one in two Australians have a Facebook account. Now for business, the application isn't as flexible as it should be. Facebook, after all, is now a money making organization. It has over the last three to four months been changing, fine tuning, making them more effective pages for business.

They used to be called fan pages, they're just called pages now. There's lots of ways to look at pages, and the area of Facebook that most people miss is that it's different to Google search engines. What you have in Google search engine, is people looking for a product and you try to match what they're looking for. Facebook with all the information you give them to set your account up, and I understand that a lot of people make some of that information up. But then all the information you share with your
friends, they have algorithms that take note of that.

If you were a wedding florist, for example, it's possible for you to advertise on Facebook by selecting people who might be in the market for a wedding. So, for florists it would be females, and it would probably be between 20 and 35, who are single, engaged or in a relationship, and then if your florist only handled people within a 20 or 50 kilometer radius, you can select that as well, and say, in the example for Australia.

I know some of you will be looking at this from overseas, but in Australia you could select my city, Perth. Then, you could select one of the suburbs, and say within 50 kilometers of me. You chop down the number of possible people from 12 million for Australia down to maybe, 20 or 30,000 within this 50 kilometer radius. Then, your ad will show, because you buy an ad, a very cheap ad. It will show when anybody within your target market, those 20 to 35 year old single, engaged or in a relationship young women, talk about things to do with weddings or receptions and babies and all those things, your ad will show up.

You only pay when there's a click, and that happens about one in 100 times, so for every 100 times that your ad shows up you pay for one. It's fantastic stuff. And it is not when people are looking for it, it's for when people are talking about stuff. Facebook, you can either be excited by this or scared by it. If you're scared by it, turn your computer off, stamp on it, never go back on the net, because everybody knows everything about us anyway, but as a business and for social media domination, Facebook is fantastic.

Now, you might have gathered from what I just said that you should have more than one Facebook page. In fact, in our case where we're a seminar company, with nearly 40 different seminars, we have 40 different pages. Because we find that if somebody's looking for cold calling, we need to capture them on a page that says cold calling for scaredy cats.

If, however, they're looking for speed reading, we have another seminar called power read, speed reading for business, so it has its own pageFacebook is the granddaddy of it, as I said, at the start of this little session closing on a billion members. Also, it's changing everyday because of the necessity of the investors to get a return on investing all that money in Facebook. Facebook will still be the place that most people will have on their phone. In fact, maybe 70 to 80% of people who access Facebook
through their phone and that gives just a different reason and a different strategy of social media marketing.

This is tip number 5 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. 

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