Thursday, July 26, 2012 is a place to be seen Step 10 in Conquering Social Media 2012

Xeeme [See me]  here Xeeme there... I am everywhere!! 

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I'm going to talk to you about a certain application that you might not have heard of. It's called XeeMe, but it's spelled a weird name,, so

What it is, is a place
where you go and register all of the social media applications that you might be on. I think at the last count, they had over 400 social media sites that you could be registered on, and ranks you within all those sites and helps people who want to follow you go there and in one or two clicks follow you on all the social media sites you might be on.

There are a number of these, but this one is particularly effective, and it's promoted pretty heavily by a couple of good friends of mine who are very active in Empire Avenue. Michael Q. Todd, he swears by his use of and what it allows him to do is again gain authority within the social media areas by having all of his social media exposure linked in one spot.

Some other ones which we won't talk about very much or in great
detail are things like FriendFeed. Now, that was three or four years ago the place to be, but like many really good things on the net, it was purchased, I understand, by Facebook and basically left to wither. While FriendFeed was doing a couple of things which XeeMe doesn't do, it was great but isn't as great as it was.

I recommend you get yourself over to, which is and claim all your profiles, and they will give you as all of these things do a score and the higher that score is the better your authority on the social media networks. That's XeeMe, that's, which is, as I said, a social media authority site.

I've got so much more to talk to you about
that, but until next time, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks a lot for looking in.

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