Friday, July 20, 2012

Twitter Step 7 to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Twitter is the odd man out in social media - and is Step 7  to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps of How to Conquer Social Media 2012, where Twitter is Step 7.

Now, Twitter is the odd man out in social
media. Originally, it was the only social media platform that was an opt-out rather than an opt-in. By that I mean that if you were using Facebook and you wanted to follow somebody, you had to ask them to be your friend, and if they didn't agree, you couldn't see what they were doing. So that's an opt-in process. LinkedIn is an opt-in process, but Twitter was essentially a broadcast system, and so you're allowed to follow whoever you wanted to follow and it was a difficult process to block somebody from following what you said.

Conceptually, Twitter is the noise of social media. With Twitter you can follow whoever you like, and the protocol is that when you follow somebody, the Twitter machine will say, "Wayne's following you. Do you want to follow him back?" Now, that allows you to build a rather large audience very quickly.

My target originally was to get 1,000 followers, which was
considered a large number when leading people had 50,000. That number edged up to 10,000, then the number became if you had 50,000 followers, you're doing well. Currently, my follower base is in excess of 110,000 people.

And then, there's a few little applications on the web that tell you if that message filters down by things like sharing and favouriting and those other processes, you have this huge audience. At the last count, my audience could have been a possible 100-150 million people. What we say to you is really get active in building a follower base within Twitter.

need, in my opinion, at least, 10,000 people following you. And you do this by using some of the applications that are available, and the terms of service of Twitter allow you to follow 1,000 people a day. Now, assume that 20% of those people followed you back. In 100 days, you could have as many as 20,000 followers. As your following base gets bigger, what happens is that take up rate slows down a little bit. But, a daily routine of following people so they can follow you back is essential to making Twitter work for you.

Now, one of the tricks of the trade, if you like, is that you should follow the followers of your competition. For example, if you are in the car business, and your local car dealers have an aggressive Twitter practice, they might have 10,000 followers. Now, we can assume that a follower of a car dealer would be interested in cars, and if you're in cars your idea would be to follow the followers of that competing business. Very tricky and very, very effective. We use some software that makes this really, really easy which we'll talk in detail in another one of the steps to total domination of social media.

Let me just give you an insight into one of the programs, which is called Tweepi, T-W-E-E-P-I. And what Tweepi allows you to do, in various forms it has a free form, and it has a couple of professional formats.

It allows you
to follow up to 200 people in basically one click. And what we do with this is we can either follow by a hashtag, or follow by follower's accounts, and it is a very, very effective way to build up a following in a niche market. So, I'm recommending that you get really active in Twitter.

It is the noise
of the social media. We talked earlier in one of the steps about Tweetdeck, how you can monitor what's going on. And then, the other bit of software which we'll talk a lot more about, because it does more things that just the thing for Twitter, is Tweepi. So, Twitter is one of the most important Steps to Conquer of Social Media 2012. 

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