Wednesday, July 18, 2012

G+ [Google Plus] step 6 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

Google + "The elephant in the room" is Step 6 of 23 Steps to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 steps to conquer
 SocialMedia 2012. Now, many of you would have noticed that a lot of things have changed with search engine optimization that have cute little names for it, like panda and penguin, but basically the situation has been everything that you've known and known to be true over the last two to five years for search engine optimization has changed and changed forever.

The reason this has happened is most people are accessing the Internet through a social media application. So Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.  When they're doing that, they're not searching on Google as they used to.

What Google have done is say, "We can't let this go 
on forever". So in July 2011, Google launched their social media platform, more media than social, but they called it Google Plus,[G+] and the idea of that is that authority attaches to you as the author of various content on the web.

And so, when you write something, what you want people
to do is to acknowledge you as being the author, acknowledge you as being the authority, and to give you a plus or a Google Plus to do that.

Now, even though it was launched in July of last year, so it's basically a year it's been around, 150 million people are using G+. Probably you aren't yet, but you should be. And with Google Plus, what it does is give you authority within the social media and within the people who are still using Google as a search engine. When you now search, you will find that what comes up is your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your LinkedIn account, your YouTube account, and the new one is G+. It's really clever the way that it works. It has some really unique features. One that I really like is called Google Hangout, which is a video sharing platform within the Google Plus application, and you can have up to ten people on a Google video where you can share ideas. So ideal for small sales teams and things like that.

My recommendation is get into G+. You have a personal page. You can have a business page, very much like Facebook. And like all of these things, early adopters get a significant advantage. Google Plus is one of the steps in my 23 steps to conquer Social Media 2012.

Until we
meet again, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for looking in. 

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