Saturday, July 28, 2012

PeerIndex is IMPORTANT Step 11 to Conquer Social Media 2012

PeerIndex - what you mates thin about you is important in Social Media 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to conquer Social Media 2012

We're up to Step 11, and we're going to
talk about PeerIndex. That's, and PeerIndex is a UK based application that looks at your social media activity, a lot like a lot of the other ones that I've talked about, and it produces figures that it gives to businesses who want to deal with people who have influence on the net.

Now, most people will have a PeerIndex figure of 30 or 40. Mine is 74, which puts me in the top thousand in the world, but in my market in Australia I think there are two or three of us on about that figure. When people are talking about what's going on on social media, PeerIndex has some authority by saying these people really know what's going on.

You can
check in at PeerIndex. It will be recording your index score, and peer means people doing the similar things to you. If you go and register, it records information from various places, and then it can build a map of where your activity is and where you can get the best results.

Now, this is important if you are on the net to sell things or influence people. It's my strong recommendation that you make the effort to go to PeerIndex, which again is, and register as being a member of the PeerIndex, and that number is included when you are on the search engine, somebody is looking for you. That's the step for this one, short and sweet.

PeerIndex, I recommend you be there. This is
Wayne Mansfield again saying, thanks for looking in. I look forward to seeing you next time we share details of 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012

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