Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ALEXA has its place as Step 9 to Conquering Social Media 2012

Alexa and your ranking in the world... Step 9 to Conquering Social Media 2012

Welcome. This is Wayne Mansfield welcoming you back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I'm going to talk about an old favourite of mine that's been around for as nearly as the Internet has been around. It's called Alexa, A-L-E-X-A.com and it's a part of the Amazon
group of companies. I'm pretty sure about that.

If I'm not, let me know,
and I'll add a little addendum to the information that goes here. What it does is it ranks where your website or blog is in comparison to all the other websites and blogs on the net. And it also gives you where you're popular, which countries and things.

And it also has part of the wayback
machine, so it's possible if you've had a website for a number of years to go back and see what it looked like in 2005, or if you've had been here forever, what it looked like in 2002. So, all this combination of stats you can access through alexa.com.

Now, to give you an idea of why I follow it, prior to the changes that Google brought about, they're called Panda and Penguin, we were ranking for my personal website, which has two URLs to get to it, either waynemansfield.com or waynemansfield.blogspot.com because that's where we started it. Prior to all these changes, we were ranking in the top 100,000 websites in the world. Now, this was because we had literally thousands of back links. I've been involved in what then was called SEO Practice, getting backlinks from wherever we could get them from.

After the Panda and
the Penguin updates, our ranking plummeted, and if we were to look at it today, we're about ranked 1.5 million. That means that there are 1.499 million websites in front of us for traffic, and in the U.S. which is our biggest market, we're at 345,000. Now, compare that to what I said we were before the changes, we were under 100,000, sometimes we were the 50,000th website.

The amount of traffic that we get from the traditional search engine optimization has dropped dramatically, and that's why social media as we've been talking in these 27 steps of total domination of social media 2012 is so important, because all the things that we learned over the last five, ten, 12 years, no longer apply. What I recommend you do is go to Alexa.com

Again, that's A-L-E-X-A .com and type in your major website, and it will
give you a ranking of where it is in the world, how many people have legitimate links to you, they've also followed Google's example and dropped out the link forms, so mine dropped from 1000s to 153, and see where you are.

You can with application and creating strong back links restore your
rankings within that Alexa system. So, that's it for this step in social media 2012.

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