Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stop Rewind Start Again - but too late!

If you could jam those words back into your mouth…

I had one of those experiences this morning where I wish I could retrieve the words I had just spoken… you know what I mean.

I had been playing Telephone Tag yesterday with a late booker to our NegotiationPower seminar in Sydney for today. 4 calls got message bank and as I hadn’t got a details message of what he was calling about I could reply to those messages.

Well this morning I got a returned call from him. He explained that because he hadn’t been able to talk to me he wanted to cancel the booking we had precessed the previous day. And then he proceeded to tell me what I felt was unnecessary about service etc.

My easy option was to listen, agree and say “no problems, all’s well” but something in his tone got to me. I explained I had tried 4 times the previous day to talk with him, and that being a Public Holiday in Perth the paperwork hadn’t been processed.

His reply, enhanced by what I perceived was criticism in his voice, was “It wasn’t a holiday here in Sydney” and to expect him to act on a confirmation email I had sent on Monday afternoon and attend the seminar.
Well I couldn’t stop the words from coming out… I justified what action I had taken, and the difficulty tasks I performed and I wasn’t taking his comments as what actually happened. I was fired up and told him in no uncertain terms that we [I] had done everything to process and confirm his order, and I didn’t agree with his commentary of events.

So, with that off my chest, he really served it up to me. His parting shot was “and you take your seminars and jam them up your…”

On reflection I should have let him have his sound off, smiled sweetly and moved on!

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