Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seriously... can I get a double helping!!

eMail received yesterday:

 Andrew Bill []
Sent: Wednesday, 16 March 2011 9:19 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:

Hello Sir,

I am an accountant by profession, and acts as a private consultant to some clients in the United Kingdom ranging from top business personals, serving and retired Army. Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel and top Government functionaries whose privacy is shrouded in topmost secrecy.

As stated above I have a client's mandate to seek for a reputable, and well-established individual to help channel some funds into profitable investment abroad. The proposed funds is an estimated ($25m usd) And he his specific in investing these funds outside the UK.I hope you will treat my request with expediency as time is of great importance to my client.

Thank You,
Andrew Bill

 My answer:

--- On Thu, 17/3/11, Wayne Mansfield   wrote:


To: "'Andrew Bill'" <
Date: Thursday, 17 March, 2011, 6:32
What absolute BULL SHIT!

 and my friend Bill's reply:

Hello Wayne Mansfield,

Thanks so much for your interest My client who trades big time on Alcohol, liquor and tobacco across Europe is presently been incarcerated for tax related crimes and with all our accounts and assets frozen. This fund in question is our only living hope and we wanted to do everything to ensure it is well secured and every interest will be protected. Everything about this fund is legal and without any likely legal implication(s).It is very pertinent that this fund be moved out completely out of Europe as soon as possible so that the authorities here would not have it linked to my client.

The funds are clean and of no criminal origin. We are not very particular in great returns on investment but on the security of the funds. Be as it may, we want this money out immediately, possibly within the next two weeks. As soon as the money is out to you there we can now be relaxed in drawing up our investment plans and strategies. My client deserves every cover of confidentiality and secrecy I can accord him so I certainly would not compromise that for anything and it is our conviction that whoever we are dealing with shall accord us some great deal of trust and confidence as much as we give too.

1.The funds are in a private security vault and not in the banking system for security reasons. So the funds would not be traced or linked to us we decided to have it deposited under a private arrangement with the security firm as family possession of high value.

2. I am sure it's already clear to you that the fund is individually owned.

3. You have my words that the funds are clean and of no criminal origin.

4. Any secured investment will be in order.

5. I would of course provide you with the direct contact of the security firm in the Spain to verify with them and we would give you all legal empowerment and documents to be able to claim this fund.

To do this deal securely we would have to surrender the beneficiary and custodianship of this asset to you. In this regard you would personally have to visit the security firm in the Spain to sign and have it released. Once released an account will be set up there under your personal or company's name and the funds deposited and sitting in the account. Once that is settled you will then be able to initiate transfers in trenches at your discretion to your home account(s).This way every form of connection or link of the funds to us will be completely erased as this will simply indicate you are transferring funds from your account in Europe to your account back home. I am sure you get my drift? We have to take these cautious steps in the face of our present circumstances.

I again confirm that you can directly contact the security firm in the Spain with the direct contact info of the Operational Director which I will forward to you upon the receipt of your positive reply.

Can we really do this together; your thoughts?

Thank You,
Andrew Bill

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