Thursday, March 03, 2011

Epiphany: No more Consulting Jobs - They Are NEVER Happy

That's It - I have had enough
What is going on!!

This week I have had three people unhappy with what we are doing for them. Apparently they have had advice from other people that the stuff we do is "shit" and can't possibly work.

Now, let's get this straight... these people have asked me to show them how I make money [by the way I actually do!] and then take advice from someone who DOES'T make any?

My income from Internet marketing first passed $1million a year in 2005 [ when a million was a million! ] and in the years since, I have used my skills for various third parties to replicate that success. Due to my battles with the Ozzie Government I am semi-retired until 2012 BUT the strategies that I teach are those which are and were and still will be successful. [The seminar company I consult for banked $10k before lunch today!]

But hey, I don't know what I am talking about according to sister Louanne who is getting Social Security payments because her Internet earnings aren't enough for her to stop being eligible for Family Support payments!! [Give me a break]

So, from yesterday, NO MORE CONSULTING CLIENTS! Whilst that coaching money is easy to get, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have people happy.

This is what happens:

When it DOESN'T work the excuses are:

1. Take 3rd Party Advice - and then don't do what they should
2. Don't do anything once money paid!!
3. Cant use computers - have trouble finding GREEN button
4. Cat ate the computer
5. Mother, father, daughter, son or neighbour has been sick

When it DOES work:

1. Gee I could have done that - you charge too much
2. Nobody is worth $2,000 an hour even if they get 5 times that in extra profit!
3. We are happy with your work BUT the brothers kid is a computer whiz and cheaper

So, I am sworn off coaching, consulting etc... I wont miss it!!


  1. Now you are getting it right. Same here. "Apathy" and people not willing to earn their keep, wanting a majic money making plan without working is destroying us.

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