Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 Best Twitter Apps For iPhone

The official Twitter app for iPhone is fantastic! Or, well, was was fantastic until Twitter shoved all those promoted tweets into the top of your timeline. If you’ve been so annoyed with the dickbar that you want to ditch the official Twitter app, here are six of the best non-Twitter Twitter apps available for the iPhone.
Echofon: Echofon is the most similar in style to the official Twitter app, which to me, makes it the best alternative. In fact, it was my go-to Twitter app before Twitter took over Tweetie. The app is so familiar – the white background, the similar panels – that you might even think you’re using the official Twitter app! One huge plus though: Echofon displays outbound links within your timeline so you don’t have to jump into another screen to click the links. Saves you a millisecond, you know? But seriously, if you enjoyed the official Twitter app, Echofon is the app to download. [iTunes]
Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck’s infamous column-based layout stays true in their iPhone app. And because those columns that can be rejiggered to show any feed, Tweetdeck is the best app to use if you juggle multiple accounts. Hell, it even throws in Facebook support! The “compose-a-tweet” screen offers a ton of options from hashtags to contacts to photos to landscape mode and more. One thing though, Tweetdeck isn’t updated for the iPhone 4′s Retina Display which can sometimes make you want to rip your eyeballs out. [iTunes]
Seesmic: It’s one of those all-your-social-networks-in-one type apps but it’s still really great for Twitter. They call their home screen “spaces” which is a four-icon grid that lets you jump into different accounts. This method may actually be more effective than Tweetdeck’s columns because it’s quicker (a tap vs a swipe tap) and looks a little better. If you have multiple accounts, Seesmic can post to all of them at the same time too. [iTunes]
Twitbird: Twitbird offers the best compromise between a simple layout and deep features. The layout is easy-to-read (no ads in stream!) with your timeline being transformed into chat bubble-esque updates. You can even throw in custom backgrounds, if that’s your thing. The tweet screen has a ton of “hidden” options which you can either ignore if you don’t need them or pull out from under the keyboard to use. The only problem? It’s just a tad bit slower than the other apps. [iTunes]
Hootsuite: What’s great about Hootsuite is that its feature set is pretty unique. It has everything the other apps have plus the ability to schedule tweets, see stats on who’s clicking your links and see what all those trending topics mean. Supports Facebook and Foursquare too. [iTunes]
Twitterrific: The old dog of the iPhone Twitter apps still has some tricks. Twitterrific offers a unified “one stream” timeline for tweets, your @replies, re-tweets and DM’s which I kinda like (though I don’t get a ton of @replies). I’m docking off some points for the size of each tweet in the app, it just takes up too much screen real estate. But! Links displayed inline and the ability to translate tweets are big pluses. [iTunes]

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