Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Qantas pricing..

Captain Travolta and Qantas!
What gives you the tom tits??

A particular bug bear of mine is when Qantas have No seats on their planes and the only “available” are FULL FARE business.

Give me an example I hear you saying… I needed to fly seminar present Cris Popp from Melbourne to Brisbane on Sunday to host our sessions TimeShifting and NegotiationPOWER – the cheapest ticket on Qantas was $1,100 where normally you could get them for $150-$200 ish… so Virgin Blue got some of my business – they were an expensive $389.

So I could review Cris’s presentation style and audience reaction, I flew to Brisbane on Sunday evening and wanted to come back Monday evening… the normal fair is a=bout $320… cheapest Brisbane to Perth was $2,150!!

That’s how come I am writing this whilst returning to Perth on Tuesday morning for $309. So even staying at the Sebel in Brisbane overnight, booked with Wotif’s MYSTERY stay for $202, the total was much less than flying Business class.

Whilst waiting in the Qantas lounge to board my Perth flight, I was again trying to get Cris Popp from Sydney to Melbourne – NO FLIGHTS between 5.15pm and 10pm available unless Business Class at $1500. So again it was Virgin Blue for just $398 [“just”  is said with tongue in cheek.]
Of by the way, Brisbane to Sydney was just $109 on Qantas for Cris on Monday evening.

My question to Qantas is “how does that work??”

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