Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fast Eddys - not so fast and not 24/7 anymore

Fast Eddys Not so 24/7
My morning routine was to walk to Fast Eddys Morley for its famous always open 24/7 and enjoy a coffee at the half way point of my 5km walk..

At the start os February a sign appeared that from then - no warning - they were only going to be 24/7 Friday Saturday Sunday. No reason but you can only imagine - poor support from their customers... it's always the customers fault!!

This morning I thought I would go later for my walk... getting to Fast Eddys just after 7am and enjoying a coffee and some scrambled eggs. So I ordered and paid... at 7.05 am and waited... coffee arrived very quickly but at 7,25 I asked the waitress if she could hurry up the eggs to which she said that she had just asked the chief to hurry up.

at 7.40 I decided that I couldn't waste any more time and I told the young lady that I was off... I was pleasant and didn't ask for my money back.

So I wonder when Fast Eddys Morley will close because the customers stopped coming?? It will be of course the customers fault... not the poor service!!

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