Friday, November 02, 2007

Reverse Auctions Can Save You Thousands provides the facilities for your business to make purchases at a lower cost. A business owner like you now has Hedgehog to find the quality suppliers for you. You provide a product specification to inform the correct suppliers of what you want to buy. In turn, the suppliers compete against each other to offer you the best deal called Reverse Auctions.

The company handles buyers & suppliers registrations into its database so that buyers can easily find the best supplier to clinch a business deal in a Reverse Auction. At, many industries are covered like construction, health & life sciences, business & retail sector, Hotels & travels, & many more.There are two options for buyers to work with

The first way is to have a full-service solution where by shall assist the buyer every step of the way in the purchasing process. It includes developing and managing purchasing specifications, facilitating online negotiations, & much more. On the other hand buyers can use the self service software provided by to manage the purchasing process on their own.

It is good to know that Hedgehog procurement specialist can be contacted via phone, fax or email regarding technical issues & those related to services from

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