Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rydges Swanston Street.. ugh!

How do taxi drivers get their licences?!?

Arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday evening from Brisbane on The Making The Secret Work for You I was looking for a quick trip into the Rydges Hotel in Swanston Street. After loading my own luggage into the boot of one of Melbourne's infamous Yellow Cabs, I asked the your immigrant taxi driver to take me to: Rydges Swanston Street.

After looking at me a couple of times, because he couldn't understand my English, he gets out his Street Directory, and starts looking it up. What he was looking up I don't know if he didn't understand me I don't know but after 5 minutes he admits defeat and asks me "Do you mean Exhibition Street or Bridge Street.." I asked him to check with his base but he refused so I exited the taxi.

The next taxi driver said "I have been driving for 12 years and there is NO RYDGES in Swanston Street."

The third driver said in his clipped Indian accent: "I am a student and that's just near where I go to Uni..."

I reckon the people who let these people drive the taxis need a catch one every now and again.

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