Friday, November 02, 2007

I am who I think I am

Phil Evans writes great stuff in his newsletter, PeoplesStuff.. I particularly lke this piece called "I am who I think I am"

There is another important principle involved in this process: "I am who I think I am"!

Here are some suggestions which should allow you to start gathering some new evidence, or simply start to turn your life around if you're feeling stuck somehow:

Life is easy - and is getting easier every day!
I am always in the right place at the right time!
Everything I touch turns to gold .... and that feels good!
I am surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family!
I am attracting perfect health, wealth, and lifestyle balance into my life every day!
I am constantly creating the perfect surroundings in which I grow and prosper!
I am loved and respected by all who meet me; because I love and respect myself!
Everything begins within a thought, follows with a feeling, and turns into reality!
Every cell in my body is full of peace, love and harmony; which extends into my life!

Remember: Focus on them; say them to yourself as often as possible; start to live them; and they will become so much a part of your life, that they will allow you to start developing new daily habits. In fact, they will lead to developing completely new feelings, and ultimately those new experiences which may have been eluding you for some time!

We are out there gathering evidence every day that our beliefs are right; so, for your own sake, be aware of which type of evidence you are gathering each day! If it's not good - you can change it!

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